What Is An Empty Leg Flight?

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The idea of saving while spending is well-known to every customer nowadays, especially to travelers who want to make most of their budgets. Whether it's accommodation, transportation or logistics, saving a dollar can mean an extra day of travel or a budget enough to fund your next journeys.

Empty leg flights are essentially a way of transportation where travelers save while spending.

The Idea Behind Empty Leg Flights

The concept of an empty leg flight is simple. The term 'empty leg' is used to describe a discounted airplane flight that is empty while going to a particular location. Basically, an empty flight is an empty plane on a return flight, or an outbound empty flight on it's way to pick up a paying passenger of an already-booked trip.

For example, if a plane is paid to go from destination A to destination B - but not carrying passengers coming back from destination B to destination A – the flight is classified as an empty leg flight.

So, what are the benefits of these types of flights?

First and foremost, their price. The prices of empty leg flights are reduced, and there are so many great deals that can be found just because they roam from one specific location to another specific one. Passengers can even travel for prices that are higher than the price of fuel as a way of offsetting costs for charters, and the flight can also get changed if the passenger who bought the originating flight decides to change his flight.

The typical cost of empty leg flights is about 60% of the cost of a normal private air charter, only because the aircraft has to make the return trip anyway.

Why Are Empty Leg Flights Great For Travelers

This brings us to the conclusion, where empty leg flights are best defined as:

flexible - letting you enjoy the advantages of private fling without having to pay the standard prices

adaptable - if you are touring across multiple locations, you can save while spending when taking off or flying back home

budget-friendly - the price is crucial in these flights, as well as the added convenience and relative predictability that comes with chartering your own flight

There are many airline companies that offer empty leg flights on a regular basis. Some of the most common choices include FlyVictor, StrataJet, LunaJets and JetPartners.

In the end, it is true that flying with 'empty legs' gives you the flexibility and creativity you need to organize your journeys. Plus, you will enjoy saving money and skipping the crowded flights while having your own comfort and convenience.

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