How Does The Empty Leg Connection Work?

Removing the MIddleman in Air CharterEmptyLeg Connection works on one principle...Removing the middleman, the air charter broker. The reason our private charter is so cost effective is that we go straight to the charter operator, saving you thousands of dollars in margin and/or additional fees per flight.

Our company is directly connected with hundreds of operators across the U.S., cutting out the middle man (broker) and securing consumer flights at direct, wholesale pricing.

Each time you book with us, you can be assured that there will be no additional fees and that you are getting the lowest price possible through our air charter operators/providers.

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Mark M.
Empty leg flight was flawless and the price was great! I highly recommend them!

Beth W.
Prices were truly wholesale and transparent, and the accommodations were amazing!

Roger D.
I've been flying privately for years and I was amazed at the cost difference by using Empty Leg Connection! I won't go anywhere else now.

Steve F.
Responsive to my needs and the price was less than half of what I usually pay. Great experience. Will use again.