Private Jet Charter Cost Comparison

Private Jet Charter Cost Comparison -

Commercial Airline Vs. Private Charter Vs. Empty Leg Flights: A Full Comparison

When you think about flying to a destination, the first image appearing in your head is a large airliner containing rows of seats with about 100 to 200 on people on board. Then there are the feelings associated with security, checkpoints, pat downs, carryon's, and delays.

But what if there were other options to fly somewhere besides having to endure all of these hassles? Smaller or private jets are usually affiliated with pop musicians, CEO's, politicians, and the wealthy. But did you know that there are flights available on some of these planes for about the same price or cheaper than one with a major carrier? They're called "empty leg flights" which means, just like any other commercial aircraft, there are empty seats which need to be filled and, rather than leaving them unoccupied, there are opportunities to fill them for a reasonable cost. For example, a private charter flight of 3,000 miles from Miami to San Jose (one-way) would cost $15,000.

A commercial flight in first class would be $1,200 while an empty-leg flight is around $9,000. Granted the commercial flight is cheaper, but you're still subject to the schedule of the airline even if you were seated toward the back in coach or economy section. However, with an empty-leg flight, you may be one of 20 to 30 passengers departing from a smaller, less congested airport, and not be subjected to sitting on the runaway while other larger craft are in line waiting to takeoff. Imagine the comfort you'll feel sitting in a seat near both sides of windows rather than in long aisles and breathing the recycled air of about 150 people. You necessarily don't need to book an entire private aircraft for yourself - grab a seat on an empty-leg flight and fly in style!

Private Jet Charter & Empty Leg Flight Cost Comparison

Miami, FL - San Jose, CA

Type Of Flight Avg Cost
Commercial (1st Class) $1,200
Private Jet Charter $15,000
Empty Leg Flight $9,000

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Mark M.
Empty leg flight was flawless and the price was great! I highly recommend them!

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Prices were truly wholesale and transparent, and the accommodations were amazing!

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I've been flying privately for years and I was amazed at the cost difference by using Empty Leg Connection! I won't go anywhere else now.

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Responsive to my needs and the price was less than half of what I usually pay. Great experience. Will use again.